Wednesday, October 06, 2004

You are Yellow Cheetah, whose appearance is lean and slender.
You are also a woman of masculine firmness, and you don't like to loose.
You have strong will power, and live life actively.
You are good at making fast decisions, and unlike your graceful appearance, you go at your work hammer and tongs.
Even in a meeting where conclusion is far from reach, your affirmative articulation can liven up the atmosphere.
Your weakness is that you tend to lack womanly obscurity, and tend not be able to leave suggestive room for things.
Therefore, you may not be a terribly good housewife.
Nevertheless, you are an idealistic woman, so you will put in great effort to make your dreams come true.
You are unable to see things from different sides.
You tend to say things that come up in your mind straight forwardly.
This may make other people sometimes think you are impudent.
This is due to your rather short-tempered and proud personality.
You are able to overcome difficulties with great energy and will not have negative thoughts.This type of person is born under good fortune.
People around you tend to compliment you more than the effort you have put in.
Once married, you will try to take good care of your husband.
You wish to take in charge of everything at home, and may put your nose in other people's business.

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