Thursday, October 14, 2004

Got lost somewhere in Lamongan

Last Saturday I went to Tuban with vei, nyo, vei's mom, and Nando. We haven't been there, and the idea that we wanted to visit the biggest temple there urged us to make the plan.

We were informed that the journey will take 2 hours at the most. All were should be no further than Malang, and none of us would be tired. So there were we, all together in nyo's PURPLE pikachu, happily started our journey to Tuban.

In the middle of the trip, nyo saw the sign that there's an alternative road to Tuban. We decided to try that, hoped to be able to arrive there in a shorter time. Indeed....we got lost for about 2 hours there!!!!!!!

Then I found out that small villages there have funny names. Desa Pucuk, Desa Duduk Sampeyan, Desa Babat, Desa Sugiyo, Desa Comprengan......Those names really laughed me out loud.

Anyway, we could arrive at Tuban safely. The temple is amazing. We took pictures with crazy styles there.

Saturday in of becaks (^_-)

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