Saturday, October 23, 2004

American's Arogance

This is the part of radio conversation between American Navy and Russian Authority

Russia: Please turn your ship 15 degree to the south to avoid the crash
USA: That's better for YOU to turn 15 degree to the north
Russia: YOU have to turn to south to avoid crash!!
USA: I am the captain of US Navy. I said, turn it to the north!!
Russia: NO. I said once more, turn your ship!
USA: This is the US Lincoln carrier, the second biggest US Navy's ship. We have 3 detroyer, 3 cruiser, with some additional ships. I ASK you to turn 15 degree to the north. Once more, 15 degree to the north! or we will do something to arrest your SHIP.
Russia: Stupid!!!! THIS IS A LIGHTHOUSE!!!


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