Tuesday, October 12, 2004


I have two jobs, but currently both lead me to a huge boredom.

My morning work gives me nothing but uncertainty. Wish me to give all my effort while no assurance yet that the result I'll get'd be worthed. Yeah right....sorry woor, business is business. I decided to take the passive part in the office. I'll only work for 2 months anyway. Two months, but feel like a million years (_ _o)

Meanwhile in my night work, I just got a surprise from my monthly appraisal. I got no points, since i got D for my discipline point. And I didn't aware that since I worked so hard last month; trying to go over the target. Indeed I got AB for my productivity. I am happy for that since I didn't get it for maybe a year or so.......
But....for nothing. Total point is still "0". Dissapointing, huh.....Lost my motivation to edit anything tonight (_ _o)

Everything goes wrong today. Don't know what's going on, I just can feel it.

...and...YOU...what is disturbing your mind? what is it wrong about me? Through the screen I can feel it. Or Am I just too sensitive today?

*Imoet is typing with lots of wrinkles on her forehead*

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