Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Fighting with Maid

*Brrrrrmmmmmm....cittttt* (I just arrived home from my aerobic class this morning).
*BRAAAKKKK* (I opened the house gate)
*Brrrm......* (I started the bike's engine to park in in the garage)


Maid : Ni Shierly, don't park the bike in the garage. I want to clean it! (shouting to me)
Me : Ha? then where?
Maid : At the terrace!
Me : I can't. My legs are too small!! I will fall down with the bike. (the terrace's surface is slanted)
Maid : Ni Lusida said you can't park there. So don't!! (angry mode: ON)
Me : Whatttt?? I can't park there!!!!!!!!! (angry mode: ON)
Maid : I don't care. You can't park in the garage.
Me : Fine!!! then can you park this bike at the terrace?
Maid : Of course I can't!!
Me : Then wait here, watch my bike! I will take a bath for a moment
Maid : Don't you know that i have lots of things to do????

*Brrrmmmm..citttt* Ayik came

Me : Then HOW?! Hey!! You won't clean it now, so what's wrong if i park my bike there??
Maid : I don't care. You can't!!!
Ayik : What's up, Moet?
Me : Why I can't park in the garage?? I can't park at the terrace, I will fall down!!! (Very angry mode: ON)
Maid : Ni Lusida said No!!
Ayik : Give me the key, i'll park it for you! (thanks for Ayik)

*Very angry mode: still ON*

I went upstair to my room, sent sms to nyo angrily , then took a bath

*ookina furu tokei ringtone* ===> my phone sounded

Me : Halo
Nyo : What's up Moet...Fightiiiing again....(Refrigerator mode: ON)
Me : I'm really angry with the mbak!! bla bla bla (ngadu mode: ON)
Nyo : Patient...patient.....she was upset this morning because she couldn't clean the aspalt brought by your
Me : But she won't clean it now. I just need to take a bath for a sec!
Nyo : It can't be cleaned..
Me : Then was it my fault? How would I know? And I couldn't park at the terrace. I have small legs (again this
issue). And anyway I still have to turn back the bike through the garage.
Nyo : Ya just tell her patiently later that the aspalt dried already. patiently...
Me : She shouldn't shout to me that way, ruin my mood early in the morning!!
Nyo : Patient...patient......
Me : Hhhh....ok then. Thanks Nyo, gotta work now.

I put my shoes on, lock my room, went downstair. The maid was at the garage, talking with the tukang. More wrinkles on her forehead as she saw me pouting.

I turned on my bike, get into the garage to turn the bike. Her face was really on fire seeing me doing that. WHAT THE F***K!!!


*Aku Imoet, aku bad mood, aku cemberut, gak bisa kentut*

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