Tuesday, October 05, 2004

The Legend of Suriyothai

If Taj Mahal is the monument built by a king to show his love to the beautiful wife in India; Suriyothai is another Asian legend of Love.

Set in 16th century Thailand over the course of 57 years (1491-1548), this is an epic tale and political history of the Kingdom of Ayothaya, culminating in the story of Queen Phra Suriyothai, who rode into battle against the Burmese invasion to protect her husband at the Battle of Hantawaddy in 1548.

Queen Suriyothai, died for her husband and her country. She was extremely beautiful as she fell down (with her long black hair spread out) from the elephant, after the enemy's sword cut her neck.

I wished later on I could have such a big love to my husband........

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