Thursday, November 04, 2004

Einsten's Puzzle

Logic is what you need to solve this puzzle!!! It's been a controversial among my friends these few days, gave us headache after Surabaya's hot weather.
C'mon guys....can YOU solve this?

This puzzle needs full logic.


There are five houses with different colors. Every house owned by different guy, with different nationality.
Each guy likes different drinks, smokes different cigarettes, and has different pet.

None of the five guys drink the same drink, smoke the same brad of cigarette, and have same pet with other guy.



An Englishman lives in a red house.

A Swedish has a dog

A Denmark likes to drink tea

The white house stands on the left side of the brown house.

The guy who lives in the white house likes to drink coffee.

The guy who smokes PallMall has a bird.

The guy whose house in the middle likes to drink milk.

The guy who lives in a yellow house smokes Dunhill.

A Norwegian lives at the first house.

The guy who smokes Marlboro stays at the house beside the guy who has a cat.

The guy who has a horse stays in a house of the guy who smokes Dunhill.

The guy who smokes Winfield likes to drink beer.

A Norwegian stays at a house beside a blue house.

A German smokes Rothmans.

A guy who smokes Marlboro stays beside the house of the guy who drinks water.

How how? got the answer? (^_____________^ )v

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