Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Loving = you can't have any male friends ???
Loving = you must tell me where you want to go ???
Loving = you must tell me with whom you are going out ???
Loving = you must be free whenever I want to talk with you ???
Loving = I must know your friend list at your messengers ???
Loving = I am very busy so do not disturb me ???
Loving = I do care. See? I give you EXPENSIVE stuffs ???
Loving = If fighting I won't talk to you even for months, until I got accidents ???
Loving = you must understand me ???
Loving = I will put you into a cage and lock it, and have you only for me.
Loving = Why you don't wear the ring I gave you ???
GRRR This is my memory of you. HAPPY WITH THAT?!?!

go away....i have my new life already...

(_ _o)

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