Tuesday, April 07, 2009

This is our house. Can you imagine how high the stairs are? 

Yesterday Iki fell down, from the very top of the stairs. I tried to catch him but it was just too fast. He stopped when he reached the ground. 

He was shocked and couldn't move for few minutes. Luckily my neighbor, who was a doctor, saw what happened and examined him a bit. He said that he seemed alright but I must watch him for 24 hours. Iki spent two hours laying down on the sofa in front of TV, very quiet. No chattering or jumping around. After that he woke up and said that he wanted to play with Maddie. Since then he seemed normal again though. Thanks God.

I was scared to death. I won't forgive myself if something happen to him!


Mbak'e said...

Kowaaaiii! Iki chan, kiwotsukette ne.

Benny Suryanto said...

Oh no...kanapa bisa jatuh? Apa waktu turun atao pembatasnya bolong..

Gpp ya....bukan kepala dulu yg jatuh hehehe.

Btw, rumahmu besar...bisa buat lari2 Iki dong...lah yg bagian bawah itu kosong atau gimaana?
Pengin lihat bgn dalemnya duong...request hehehe.

The Diva said...

waaaaaaaa Ikiiiiii hati2 yaaa kalo turun tangga jangan ngglundhung lagi.

cepet hepi lagi ya.
aku yakin iki nggak kenapa2 kok Mut... biasa anak laki kan suka jatuh2 gitu...