Friday, September 14, 2007


Is he NOT happy spending time with me? He's crying all the time no matter how I'm trying to calm him down. Really is driving me into the edge!

I just can cry silently at the kitchen. So frustrating (@_@)


lily said...

*Big hugs for you*...I think I know exaclty how you feel,sometimes I feel like a bad mother as I cant calm him down, and it's getting worse...Ash always said to me 'It must be hard very hard for you, just try to get one day at the time, soon you'll realize that he'll be out of the house, and you gonna miss all the times when Coby's annoying you'..
Trust me, you are not alone, mothers out there feel the same, cry if you need it helps a lot, I do it :)
Mothers that I know said 'Well, kids are meant to push their parents' button...ans see how far their parents can survive' hihihi

Martha said...

Emmm.... Apa mungkin Iki nangis terus karena gak enak badan..?

imoet said...

Thankssss loh yooo. Glad to know there're many other mothers share the same feeling.
It's not easy to be a mother, huh?! :p.
Feel better after crying. Jadi bertanya2 nanti2 aku sesering apa ya dibikin dia nangis.....

Seumur sekarang lagi masanya temper tantrum sih. Yah...semoga aja dia gak enak badan. Aku pikir dia frustasi juga gak bisa express what he thinks well. Masih bisa blom ngomong n kadang2 aku gak ngerti bahasa tubuhnya apa. Ato mungkin juga gigi baru mau datang...entahlah. Tapi malam dia udah cengir2 lagi kok. Semoga bertahan sampe besok :p

benova said...

Duuh...don't cry mama chan wekekeeek.
You're strong..anakku br umur segini aaja dah pusing daku.
Kalo rewel gt..klo dicoba digendong gmn?

NoorIntan said...

mungkin overtired mama-chan... anakku kalo kecapekan suka begitu, atow bener yg kamu bilang dia lagi kesel tapi ga bisa ngutarain ke kamu... yo wis, sabar ajalah Moet... biarin aja dia nangis kalo lagi kaya gitu, asal ga membahayakan (i.e. jeduk2in kepala) ya biarin aja. you go and have a cup of tea (or a big glass of wine, like I usually do in that situation) and try to relax...