Tuesday, September 18, 2007

No comment (#_#)

I'm online using my mobile during our stay in Japan. Well, there's actually a PC upstair, but my 'free time' is only at midnight and it's impossible to leave Iki downstair alone.

I'm still updated to blogs through google reader, but I can't comment or reply comments on my blogs. Somewhat the 'publish' button can't be clicked. So thank you for visiting my blog and drop your thought here, but I'm sorry for unable to comment. Anyhow, I still read all of your interesting stories, so keep blogging!! (=_=)v

Today we went to a bookstore at Ikebukuro station. I bought a book about making my own jewelry and some supporting tools. I've been interested to jewelry making (for my own satisfaction and collection) for quite a long time, and now I think I could start learning it since I've got more free time especially at night. Let's hope I could manage to keep it up hehehe.

Got a new Japanese mobile too. Black, simple, thin, and light. Soooo Hiro's style!!! But I like it.
Had contact with Nova this afternoon, we're planning to meet this weekend. I forgot when was the last time I talk to someone on Javanese!!! Brought me back some memories from Surabaya :p.

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Sheila said...

Huh bete deh malah kamu ketemuan sama Nova. Aku juga mau ketemuan!! Ayo kamu kesini makane.

Btw bikin aksesori sendiri? Menarik..
Ntar kalo dah jadi, kirim ke aku ya mut, hehehehe.