Monday, September 24, 2007

Offline meeting

Yesterday I met Nova and Benny and Kiyo. After following their lives through blogging world for months, at last I met them in person.

Kiyo's really a cute boy with his big round eyes. He's such an 'angel' that I can't imagine he could drive Nova crazy at home :p. Benny told us how Sheila turned his English from Zero to advanced, but I assured him that it's simply because he's such a smart person (no offense, La hihihi).

It was really a nice short meeting. I do hope to meet them again and again in the future. Someday I'll cook, and you can eat as much as you want, Nov! hehehe

Today I had a date with 'sleepy' Hiro. We went to Akihabara to help his ex-boss buying new laptop, having DELICIOUS unagi for lunch, and had some beads shopping at Tokyu Hands. There're lots of interesting goods there but Hiro was so sleepy that I had to finish my business in a hurry :(. I sure will come back to Tokyu Hands!

In the train I noticed that the woman standing in front of me was wearing EXACTLY the same shirt with mine, in different color. Hiro laughed out loud, and then even louder when I noticed that she was ALSO wearing the same socks with mine, also in different color (@_@)!!!
What can be worse for a woman than that kind of embarassing coincidence?!?!

Ah ya, I got tagged by Sheila and Ira! I'll do the homework 'later' hehehe. Just finished packing now. We're going to Hokkaido tomorrow morning...


Sheila said...

First of all, IRIIIIIII BETEEEE bisa ketemuan sama Nova n Benny!!! Huhhh... aku kan juga pingin ketemuan janjian gituuu.
Eh mut, lumayan ya, gara2 aku kamu jadi dapet temen... nanti Desember balik Jepang kamu at least udah ada sesama ibu arisan buat nggosip bareng, hahahahaha.
Oh and I am pretty sure that Benny's intelligence has nothing to do with his English, hahahaha.
he's honestly one of the smartest people on Earth that I have met, but his English was a disaster when I first taught him that I thought this guy would never succeed TOEFL, but he was hardworking enough and he did it well, thanks to me, hehehehehe.

Second of all,
i KNOW how it feels to have someone wearing the same clothes and standing next to you!!!!!
i hate the day when I bought this cute H&M red jacket... I mean, it's RED, my color, and it looks SO CUTE, costs me ALMOST 80 euro, dammit... but everywhere I go, I see at least every FIFTH girl on the street wearin the same jacket, sometimes in different color, sometimes the SAME color... One time I was sitting in the train and the girl right IN FRONT OF ME is wearing the exact same jacket in green... !!!
I have left that damn jacket hanging for the past THREE WINTERS (I AM SERIOUS).
And I remember running all the way to the other wagon at the back of the train once I saw some girl wearing the same shirt as I was, entering the front wagon. At least I could avoid being on the same train wagon with her, hahahahaha.

Call me crazy, but everytime I go to public places, big feast, theme parks, amusement parks, or parties, I TRIED so much to wear something that is "not common" and at least not a mass-product.
No H&M, no regular Esprit.
I would go for Mango or Guess or Zara, since they're quite rare, not always affordable, and have quite unique designs in small assortments.

I still love buying H&M and mass-products, though, but I wear them to more personal meetings, e.g. to a friend's house, to a particular cafe to meet a friend, etc, but not on the streets.

Am I nuts cos I pay attention to such stuffs?

benova said...

First, thanks to Hiro buat traktiran Moss Burger..weh nek tau gt aku nambah lg hhhaahaa. Ga deng sungkan tau gt ya aku ga pesen 2 ayam hahahaha.Lmyn murah en ayam e enak drpd Mc D or KFC lo.
Thanks again udah jauh2 dtg buat short meeting.
Eh..ternyt Hiro jg civil eng. jg ya kita sama hehehe. Tp kyknya Hiro lebih yg "super" yach kyk dam, power plant mgkn?
Kutunggu deh undangan makannya next December hahaha. angel?? Yes of course lah. Kalo diluar ya gt diem kok. Paling ya ngak ngek ngok minta gendong or susu. Klo di greja ya smua org bilang good baby alias quiet gituh. Tapi di rumah aduuh wes ga isa diem, mau kesana kesini (emang sih baby ya), klo ndak boleh triak2. Cape deh...hihihi
Kata Benny..itu sih yg pinter gurune hehe. Dia bisa dapet score TOEFL lumayan. hahahaha.

Mau ke Hokkaido?? Wuiih dingin..minggu ini ketoke wes ml dingin.