Friday, September 21, 2007

Going to aquarium

After having a 'date' lunch, Hiro and I went back home to pick Iki up. We're going to an aquarium at Sunshine City building in Ikebukuro. Iki slept almost the whole trip so when we arrived he was in good mood already.

The aquarium's not big, but I really had a quality time enjoying it. It's not as crowded as both the aquariums we visited in Seoul. I always enjoy watching fishes, they are beautiful creatures and this time I met some fishes I've never seen before. I did talk to them, and I believe they understood :p.

Iki was very 'busy'. He was running here and there, jumped from one aquarium to another excitedly. I felt so good to see him happy and to hear him screaming excitedly.

And then tonight we had dinner at a yakiniku restaurant. The worst yakiniku I've ever had in Japan (#_#). The meat was hard, too oily and too salty. No wonder Iki didn't eat much. He is a picky eater :p

Ah ya! This morning there was a talkshow program at TV with Billy Bootcamp as the guest. My mother in law said that lots of women are doing it in Japan now and wondering if it really worked. I told her that I did the exercise in Korea and this is what she said: 'ohhh!! No wonder ur stomach is so flat now!!'

Oh I felt so good. My hardwork has a clear result. But then I realised....OMG she really paid a lot of attention to my naked body during the last ofuro!!!! (@_@)


Sheila said...

hahaha mut, serius tah billy bootcamp itu berhasil? aku kok ya jadi tertarik... piro bulan trus flat stomach??? Hmmm... that's interesting... keluar muscles nya ya?

Kirimin aku details nya dong (males browsing blog mu lagi) lewat imel ya, aku tak pesen di amazon juga. I need to lose some weight before going home on Christmas, heheheheh/....

benova said...

apa sih billy bootcamp itu...? ndeso nih.
Eh..ngomonng2 pake bhs apa talk w/ ur mother in law?
Bhs jepangmu wes was wes wus ya...hehehe

Sheila said...

You've been tagged! baca blog-ku deh hehehe