Friday, September 21, 2007

Iki's health check

We started early to go to Iki's hospital in Kanagawa perfercture. Traffic jam slowed down the journey into 2.5 hours, and then we still have to wait at the hospital for 2 hours. Such a long waiting time made me nervous, though prepared, I was actually afraid to hear the result from the doctor. The image from the last operation is still haunting me.

He told Hiro first the check up result and when Hiro told me I was so speechless. I was prepared for the worst that I didn't expect it. After the doctor explaining me more, my brain started to work and I felt this huge rock lifted from my chest. Iki doesn't need to be operated!! He will check Iki next year again, but overall his condition now is good. There's a little curve on his penis, but it doesn't matter anymore. At least for now I feel so good. I also ensured that he won't get 'problem' after getting married. We just have to visit the doctor for check up until Iki's about 12 years old.

Oh how we feel relieved now!!!!

We visited Hiro's sister family afterwards and had dinner together. Iki had so much fun playing with his cousins and I had good rest and nice food.

Just arrived home now and close my day drinking beer with Hiro while waiting for turn to get into bath. What a nice day!!!!


vivi said...

Hi Imoet!

it's me, I randomly click the link to your blog from Sheila's.

I know it's way too late, but when I read your blog about how your son cried and you cried by yourself, and your latest blog post ( i don't know what's wrong with him -and glad everything is alright now-, but I think I can imagine your anxiety that no "it's going to be alright" can make it feel better), my heart goes to you.

and you have such a cute and handsome boy!!!!

My sister is in Japan, and yeah, she told me how crazy-expensive living there can be....

Carla said...

How cute he is! I'm happy to hear that he didn't have to go through a surgery, Shier. Hope he'll do fine in the next coming years.

Sheila said...

Ohhh I'm so happy as well to hear that he doesnt have to go on operation anymore!!!

Now he'll grow up and be a good boy (until he's 12, of course), and then he'll start jerking you off, hahahahaha, but that's another kind of enjoyable time, don't worry!!!

Have fun in Japan ya muuttt... ayo blogging sering2, aku seneng kalo kamu blogging dari mobile gini.

NoorIntan said...

Yay! so happy to hear that Iki doesn't need operation... waht a huge relieve you and Hiro must feel... enjoy Japan and have a great time!

a2pl3 said...


I'm very happy to hear that bout Iki ... :D

Must be a huge relief for you and Hiro ... :D

Oh ... :D I've tagged you too .... :P

Dolphinrider said...

That's a really good news!! Glad for you n family. (Angkat botol Corona bareng Imoet n Hiro) Toast!!

Take care n I wish all the best for Iki untuk taon2 kedepannya jg.

Mumpung orang e nga bisa mbales di rasani ae La. heuheuheuhe

Mia John said...

" I also ensured that he won't get 'problem' after getting married."

hmm kenapa harus after getting married muth? hehehehe

btw, senangnyaa Iki ga perlu operasi. ga tega gitu kalo Iki musti operasi :(