Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Kanno Farm

We're in Hokkaido now.Welcomed by fresh cool air, greeny hills, clear blue sky, and amazing flowers farm. i fell in love with this place at the first sight.
Our main purpose on this journey is the famous zoo all over Japan, Asahiyama Zoo. Iki hates baby seat so we stay in Asahikawa city area.
We went to Furano, beautiful hilly area covered with lavender especially in summer. It's september already so we actually didn't expect to see any flower, but look at the photo above. It was so beautiful!!!
The farm's name is Kanno farm and there we could also buy boiled sweet corn, boiled potato with sugar topping and butter, and fried potato. The corn was so sweet and buttery, and the potato was also very delicious. Iki loved the corn and finished 1.
We went to Furano cheese factory afterwards, bought some cheese products and fresh milk, and then headed to shiroganedai onsen hotel. Stay tuned for my debut onsen story hehehe


Sheila said...

WAAAA; AT LAST!!!! COMING SOON, ladies and gentlemen, THE PREMIERE OF Shierly's Onsen, the real outcome, the true result of her hard training, the purpose of all the efforts!!!

Eh nanti bisa difoto nggak???? Kamu sama sapa aja, selain mertua???
sister in law mu kan di hokkaido ya? ngga ikut kah?

pingin liat fotonya...

a2pl3 said...

Wah... you look so happy!!! :D

DolphinRider said...

HE!yang beautiful mana potonya? dasar sama aja. Narcist! hahahaha.

Huahahaha bener La. bawa snorkel aja. Skalian nylulup. hahaha

yun said...

Kapan balik Korea lagi mut??
Asiknya jalan2 teruss... abis jalan2 ofuri..ama mertua juga..hihihi :P
Iki makin montok, kamu masih bisa gendong Iki tah mut??
Btw... ngisi blog ngerumpi lagi yokk ;)

Carla said...

the trip sounds amazing. iki lucu bangeeeetttttt!