Monday, January 16, 2012

Best sushi!!

From Evernote:

Best sushi!!

 Hiro took holiday today. Iki has to go to school, so it was only me and him, the two of us, YAY!

I Couldn't think of any other place to have our brunch date than Tsukiji Fish Market. Fish market for a date? Well yeah I love it!

We went into the same restaurant we visited on our anniversary two years ago. Because it was not as crowded as the other restaurants (hiro hates crowd!), and because the sushi there was my best sushi ever two years ago. And still is.

I love sushi and sashimi, and going to Tsukiji will always be a special treat for me. I really want to bring iki there someday!

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The Diva said...

WAAAHHH wes lama nggak ngecek blog ini hihihi. aku wes lama males ngeblog (lagi kumat)

SUSHIIII SASHIMIIII ohhh aku kangen.. I haven't had a good sushi for a while... I wish my hubby would love sushi more :(