Monday, January 27, 2014

New life

I think we are getting used to our new life now. Yes, we moved to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Because my only internet connection works well for emails only, I decided to blog again, just to shout out what I feel and think (Facebook, whatsapp, line, Google+ don't work well, sadly).

We have an amazing cook and a kind driver. The cook keeps feeding me a lot of yummy food, but surprisingly I can't eat a lot anymore here. Perhaps because my body cries for exercise haha. I like Ethiopian music, and I want to learn the dance. We think we will enjoy our new life here!


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keke yohanes said...

Hey, how have you been? you haven't made any post in two years! kind a miss of hearing all the stories from your side. so how are you & your family? all is well?

Unknown said...
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