Thursday, January 18, 2007

Mama's food

I am so happy that I want to cry!!!!
Got a package from my mom. A box full of my home-made (mom-made for exact!) Indonesian food and some important Indonesian spices.

From dried Indonesian chillies, fresh ones, lemon grasses, sambal goreng tempe, not-too-hot salted fish (my mom said so that Hiro can eat it as well....but for me it's HOT hahaha), super hot salted fish, dried Indonesian lime leaves, dried kemangi leaves and my grandma's recipe's pork sate sauce. She knew exactly what to send to make me got this food orgasm hahaha

I feel like eating at home now, as I never thought I would be able to eat all these food in Korea.

No matter how delicious the food I've eaten all these time (or even I've cooked myself), I always and will always miss my mom's food. It's the taste that I could never find anywhere but from my mom's kitchen.

Not only the food hehehe....I miss you also, mama....


w.hitoshi said...

For you, it was one day when it was very happy. My wife loves Thai cooking, too. I just wrote the same contents in my blog. I always purchase Thai cooking material on Internet for my wife. Staple food of my home is long grain rice.
Winter of Tokyo of this year is not so cold. According to the news, Korea seems to be cold.
Please take care yourself!!

Anonymous said...

wah senengnya dikirimin sama mom :)
i'm lucky di sydney banyak yg jual indonesian's spice or food...
imoet (aka mama-chan :p), bole aku link ya? :)

imoet said...

I bet your wife understands my feeling well :)
Winter this year is not as cold as last year so we're really having fun.
Take care, and hugs for your little NAMU

Hai hai mamanya Ameera,
selamat datang disini. Silahkan di link. Ntar aku link juga yah blog kalian?
Iya nih. Disini langka banget Indonesian spices. Kalo gini jadi ngiri ama kamu yang tinggal di sydney hihihi