Monday, January 29, 2007

Eating with "eyes"

Hiro always says and STRESSES that Japanese people eat with their "eyes". That's why in Japan all the food I've ever seen were beautifully decorated (including home dining!). Besides the taste, appearance is one important thing to present a meal. This is especially a mother's job, to satisfy both the eyes and the stomaches of the whole family member.

Therefore I also have to do the same to Iki since a very young age. Ever since he started his first food, I already tried to present it as interesting as I could. Well, I can say that I am one of the most unartistic person in this world. I have to prepare beautiful meal yet I don't have "beautiful" eyes. So instead of preparing beautiful food, I give Iki "eye-catching" food. Oh trust me, it really takes time since I'm still not used to do this. Anyway it's decorated and he got interested on it, right? hahahaha

But I guess my "eyes" are getting better? :p


Mee said...

ya ampuuuunnnnn....pintere mbak iki rek!!!
bagus! bagus!
perlu brapa lama untuk buat yg lucu2 gitu? jangan2 waktu menhias lebih lama dari waktu masaknya yah? :p (pengalaman pribadi)

RidwanFamily said...

wow! your creations are amazing! they're really eye-catching...
I wish I could make those.. I don't have enough patience :p

w.hitoshi said...

Hi! It seems very delicious box lunch.So cute! like you! haha..
This seems to be small in the box lunch of Hiro??
Oh!Does IKI eat surely? hahaha.
(=^(∞)^=)/ Buu...

imoet said...

lah pengalamanmu piro suwe loh? hahaha ya kira2 segitu lah.
bayangkan udah susah2 bikin rambut dari nori, ama iki nironya diambil trus dimakan! (@_@)

hi nyonyah Ridwan ;-)
believe me, i also actually don't have enough patience. But I HAVE to....:p

hehehe thanks! it's Iki's lunch box!! He doesn;t want to baby food now, so everytime we go on a trip i have to prepare lunch box (@_@)

dolphinrider said...

It is Beautiful. Aku ya mau mut! hehehehe