Friday, March 26, 2010

Visiting Mbak'e (^_-)

Iki is having spring holiday now. It's time to bring him around to visit friends then! So today we went to visit mbak Maria and her two children Rui & Rei. Nova and Kiyo also joined, so we were just perfect!!

As usual a visit to mbak Maria's house is a special treat. She always prepare yummy Indonesian food, that I don't cook much now. First because stupid me forgot to bring here the most important ingredients: CHILLI!, and also you know, cooking Indonesian require so many spices and preparation that backed me off sometimes. In other words: Lazy hehehe

So today I forgot my weight watching. I forgot my calorie intake. I forgot anything about reducing my weight. Pokok'e makan terus!!

I've been craving for tempe, and look what she prepared. Oseng oseng tempe. OMG, yummy!! Nambah'e sampe gak terhitung lagi hihihi

And I know that this Babi Tinoransak has my whole week calorie, but it was soooo delicious I can't stop eating it again and again and again.

Even Nova brought this best Risoles ever!

Mbak Maria has two kids, which for me is quite an impossible thing to do in Japan :p, but still she baked this yummy orange cheese cake

Thanks a lot mbak'e. Bisa makan makan enak juga bisa ngobrol ngalor ngidul pake boso jowo. Yuk main lagi mumpung anak-anak masih liburan (^_^)


mamanya Rui-Rei said...

Moet, aku copy photonya ya. Kameraku elek jadinya.

nb. wes nama profilku tak rubah jadi mbak'e ae yo, lucu... hehe.

imoet said...

monggo mbak'e :)) :)) :))

benova said...

Wahahaha.....edyan rek lemu tenan aku je.
Mbak e nommer tlepone Pak Tempe adakah?
Ayo ini atur jadwal ketemuan lagi...minggu ini cuaca msh berubah2.