Friday, November 26, 2010

Almost forgotten Wednesday bentos!

Another Halloween theme Obento. It was the obento for the sweet potatoes picking last month.

Boiled broccoli
Ham and cheese butter roll sandwich
Boiled carrots
Bat: sliced cheese and nori

Ensoku (school trip) Obento. It was for Iki's school trip picnic bento by the end of October.

Rice with kecap manis
Boiled broccoli and mayonnaise
Tempe goreng
Cut apple
"Ensoku" banner: sliced cheese and nori

Saturn Obento.
Iki loves Saturn and really wants to go there for holiday!

Rice with dried small fish on top
Bear shaped croquettes
Roasted mini tomatoes
Ham and cheese rolls

Robot Obento.
I woke up late and only had 15 minutes to prepare bento that day (>.<). It was supposed to be robot, but Iki said it was just a purple doll (@_@)

Rice with purple colored furikake and kombu
Niku jaga
Cut kaki (persimmon)
Sausage and cheese on picks

Pon-chan (???) Obento.
Not sure if it is the correct name. One of Pokemon character, Iki just showed me the picture and asked me to make it last week.

Boiled broccoli
Rice onigiri with salted kombu filling
Sausage and processed cheese on picks
Cut apples

And this is today's obento. "Yochien's Bestfriend" obento.
Iki said that they were Iki and Isamu. Isamu is his classmate and Iki said that he likes him because they always play tatakai gokko (fighting game) :p. And they were wearing Yochien (kindergarten) hats as they always do! I think it was sweet :)

Boiled broccoli
Rice balls with kombu fillings. Nori, sliced cheese and ham
Buri no teriyaki
quail sunny side up eggs
Cut appples

Next Wednesday's bento will be the last this year. Winter holiday is coming soon, Christmas is just around the corner.

So next week's obento....hopefully will be a christmas theme one! (^___^)


LadyNoor said...

WOW! Kamu makin canggih bikin Obentos ya Mut... And here I am dreading the time when I will be packing sandwiches every morning for 300 days per year for the next 15 years!

padahal cuman bikin sanwiches ae loh aku!! :D

imoet said...

hehe thanks! pujian2 dibutuhkan biar tambah semangat :D

aku cuma harus bikin bento seminggu sekali tan. kalo tiap pagi ya emoh rek!!

hey, it would be fine. after 10 days, you'll get used to prepare sandwich, and might think to challenge yourself for a cute bento? :D i dont mind to send you over some cute bento picks!! SERIOUSLY ;-)