Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Autumn camping

We went camping again for two nights last weekend. Supposed to be three nights, but Hiro got sick so we decided to go back one day earlier...

We went to Nasu area again this time, in Maple Nasu campground, which has electricity plug and onsen (hotspring). We were ready with electric mat this time, and an onsen bath before sleeping was a luxury for such a cold weather!!

It's a nice place. The autumn view was beautiful, eventhough the maple leaves were almost all fallen off. Lots of activities to make us (and Iki) busy too!

We built the tent nearby the playground. Iki was very happy!!

Iki wanted to fish too so off he went to the pond with papa-chan. Well, he got bored waiting after few minutes and gave the fishing rod to papa-chan at last :p

They caught two fishes and we grilled them for lunch. Yummy!

And we of course had a good time walking around :)

It was our first camping with our first owned car in Japan too! last we bought a car for our adventure instead of borrowing parents in laws' car all the time. Which means Hiro planned to stay in Japan for a while to give Iki's childhood an unforgettable outdoor experience.

Feel sad because this might be our last camping experience. Might be!

But winter is so close now. We are getting ready for skiing now!


LadyNoor said...

Look at those camping gear!! lengkap banget, salut deh you serious campers :)...

Iki looks gorgeous on his skiing gear :)

imoet said...

we invested quite a lot. i hope hiro will still in the mood for camping next year!! lah dia kan hobbynya tiap tahun ganti (>.<)

thanks tante, kan mamanya cakep hihihi :p

The Diva said...

hahaha edannn camping!!!! lengkap gitu camping gears mu bener Intan... hihih. senang ya...

imoet said...

camping gearnya kita paling simple nek dibandingkan "tetangga tetangga" sesama campers loh la!
kirain camping itu liburan murah meriah. dadak'no yo enggak rek