Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Don't get me wrong!
It's not that I terribly miss my home that I wanna go there. Nope. Not at all.
I just miss the food in my house. Somewhat after I read several recipe websites about Indonesian food. [drooling mode: ON]
Hmmmm so perhaps this blog's title should be "home-made food-sick"?! (^__^)

Because today Hiro is drinking with his colleages, I found that tonight is the best time to cook dinner that reminds me of my home. And anyway, Manadonese food is famous with its hot and spicy taste. Hiro won't even think to try it hehehehe.

I found my mom's Babi rica-rica recipe in my inbox. Babi means pork, and rica-rica means chilli sauce. My favourite. My mom always makes it everytime I go back home.

Got headache at the beginning since the there were no complete ingredients available in my house. But I didn't give up coz I drooled too much already. So I checked my refrigerator and decided to try to cook it anyhow.

I substituted tomato with bottled lime juice for sour taste. I substituted kemangi leaves with laurel leaves. I substituted Indonesian chilli with bottled Thailand chilli and Korean big chilli. Daun bawang with negi, and bawang merah with bawang bombay (big onion). And no lemongrass-alike thing here so I just skipped it. I wondered what kind of food would it turn out, but.....IT WORKED!!! click here for the recipe.

Not perfect! thanks God I'm not a freak perfectionist person. But the taste is strong enough to bring me back home. Soooo damn hot. And paired with a can of cold beer, I did feel at home (^____^)

Satisfied? yes....but now I'm in danger of stomachache!!!! well....9 chillies!!


Kurojinba said...

At first, I imagined something serious when I read the title.
But, it was a good joke, hahaha!! :D
I am a hot foodaholic, and I love spices, so some day I wanna try those Manadonese foods!
By the way, is there any food market which sells imported foodstuffs in Korea?
Last week,I bought many south asian foods at the below web-shop.
It was cheaper than buying the same thing in Japanese market.
for your information,

imoet said...

So you love hot food as well?!
This is the first time I heard a Japanese said so. really!
So sometime you must try Manadonese food. Food from this region is famous as one of the hottest food in Indonesia. I always got my stomach painful yet I keep eating them :p

Thanks for the url. Perhaps I would try their products once.
There's one asian food shop here, but in Seoul. I haven't been there anymore since I gave birth. Expensive and many almost-expired stuffs sold :(. So my friends sometimes send me spices from Indonesia. The cheapest I can get hehehe.

Maria said...

funny, the way i found this was because i was looking for a recipe for rica-rica! i haven't really been able to find any, but your posting gave me an idea. i had a nice time reading it. this is a great blog.

brooklyn, ny USA