Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Japanese children song

Iki is getting bigger now. His consiousness towards his surroundings is increasing. He begins to explore and understand things. Watching his development is such an amazing experience.

As the parents, we are now thinking more about the best way to educate him.
Iki is a product of international marriage who is raised in a multilingual environment. A father who speaks Japanese, a mother who speaks Indonesian, both communicating in English, and lives in Korea. We decided that his first bilingual languages would be Japanese and English due to some reasons (he could learn Indonesian later on). Research shown that three languages at a time can cause a stress to baby.

Iki likes to listen to music, so playing songs is one way to introduce him to his first languages. So our iTunes is now playing English and Japanese children songs. Even we install an ipod with speaker in the bathroom because Iki likes to bath with music. From the sources I've read and the knowledge I'd learnt, I knew that a baby could understand languages quickly and pick one that he thinks is the easiest for him to be his first language.

Well, it doesn't matter for me if his first language is japanese since he is a Japanese. But I do want him to master his second language (in this matter, English) as well as his first one. Therefore lately pronunciation matter disturbs my mind.

You know that Japanese has limited ability to pronounce some English alphabets, therefore they have this "katakana" system to make them easier in importing foreign words. Shortly, they adjust foreign words so that they can read them easily based on their reading system. And for me this sytem caused them having this pronunciation problem.
Let's see these examples:
Hamburger ==> ham ba- ga-
Mc Donald ==> maku donarudo
sprite ==> supuraito
speaker ==> supi- ka
lunch ==> ranchi

It's scary if my son was so much influenced with this pronunciation tendency!! yet the children songs played in my house start introducing him to such error. Imagine!!! this error is introduced to Japanese since they're kids! Some song lyrics disturb my ears now hahahaha!! watch some few examples:
mixed juice ==> mikusu ju-su
pocket ==> poketo

and you guys know the song: do re mi?
In english the lyrics is like this:

do a deer, a female deer
ray, a drop of golden sun...
etc etc

in Japanese they make it like this:
do wa DOnuts no do
re wa REmon no re......
etc etc

REMON!!! it took me a while to understand that it should be "LEMON" hahahaha

well well well....

I do not hope Iki will say: "I'm starving mama. Please buy me HAMBA-GA"
"I love Spongebob Squarepants. I watch it every morning on TEREBI"

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Kurojinba said...

Hiro-kun told me to visit your blog.
I'm from Japan: an intenet-friend of him.
About "Doremi song" was really funny, I could't stop laughing in a loud voice.:D

I've also seen your cooking blogs.
But, unfortunately, I can't understand your language. Those photos look like very yummy!!! :)

imoet said...

Hi there!
Nice knowing you (^__^)

I was laughing so loud as well when I realised the "lemon" thing hehehe

Thanks also for visiting my cooking blog. Too bad I wrote it in Indonesian ;-)

adhiemsumitro said...

Gimana nih,
anakku Gobi (4.5 th) mau kuajarin japanese ..
Nanti rusak pula bahasanya ..
Atau mungkin cuma dialeknya aja yang rusak, kali ya ? Sekarang aja dia udah nyampur-nyampur Indonesia-Minang-Makassar :-)