Thursday, April 13, 2006

Spring has come

Spring has come!! Spring has come!!! [happy mode: ON]
Bye bye cold weather, bye bye strong wind, bye bye thick heavy jacket!!!. Hello sunshine!! hello colorful flowers!! and hello sakura!!!!

Yep! Finally I can see Sakura. Not in Japan, where it originally comes from. But here, in Incheon. Just a short walk away from my apartment building. Really really are beautiful. Those brownish branches-only trees along my apartment street suddenly became one amazing view I've ever seen here.

APT building

Those white-pinkies flowers are as beautiful as they're seen at night. I feel so damn happy to be able to see them, after what happened last year hahaha. I have this unexplainable feeling everytime I see them.

Sakura at night

Well....since I went with Iki this afternoon to watch Sakura, I can't have a good shot of myself. I hope this weekend they would still be as pretty as they're now!

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