Monday, February 12, 2007

A break

Yes. A mother needs a break.
Last two weeks I had 2.5 hours manicure and pedicure at a nail salon nearby. I left Iki at home with Hiro. Really felt good. Both because I got my hands and feet done, and I felt relax going away alone. It was the first time, and I got Iki hated me because I left him hahahaha. He cried and didn't want me to hug and feed him, just wanted papa to hold him (>_<).

Then this weekend Hiro reserved a face massage for me at home. A 1.5 hours relaxation in my own living room meanwhile Hiro took care of Iki and brought him out to the park. That massage left my skin freshened, my muscle relaxed, and my brain calmed. I enjoyed it so much and thanks Hiro that I will have this massage twice a month.

And yes. A father also needs a break.
After working and taking care of Iki at home, Hiro definitely needs a break too.
So he also had his nail done, and face massage right after I got massaged hahaha.

This is how we enjoy living in Korea and give a break to ourselves.


Anonymous said...

sounds very nice...
i want someone to come & do a whole body message.. :p

Sheila said...

hihihi, aku ngga suka pijet, malah bikin sakit kuabeeehhh... kalo minta weekend shopping spree boleh nggak yaaa???

btw aku disini sering makan peking duck, the only edible thing in chinese resto disini, hehehe... emang di korea ngga ada tahhh?? :-P