Saturday, February 24, 2007

Am 27!

Monday afternoon, when I was doing some houseworks
Hiro: Let's go Seoul and stay at Park Hyatt Hotel. Now...!
Me: eee? now?
Hiro: Un. Aku reserve sekarang ya. How long do you need to get ready?
Me: eee? expensive yo disana!
Hiro: Gak apa-apa. Kita celebrate your birthday.

So last monday we had an early celebration for my birthday. We enjoyed the best hotel in Seoul and had the best food I've ever had in Korea *drooling thinking of those food*. Couldn't take any picture since Hiro said with alarming eyes: "Jangan take foto disini, malu yo!" hahaha, but the memory was carved in my mind. Best of all, I thank God that I could celebrate my birthday with the people I love. No words to describe my feeling that night. Especially when another surprise came. What a perfect dinner, can't help not to cry. Hahaha dasar cengeng :p.

Thanks, Hiro. For taking care of Iki and let me have a great rest and keep surprising me with your always-last-minute plans (^_-).

And yeah, I also got a surprise from Iki. He got diarrhea as we got back home from Seoul, and became very very very VERY clingy ever since (_ _o). Even during his nap and sleeping time (can't believe how sensitive his "mama radar" is!).

Had spaghetti carbonara as my birthday noodle and big bowl of tiramisu to close that day. Both are Shierly-made. Perfect.

I am 27. Already 27. Can't believe how fast time runs. I was still celebrating my 25th birthday in Surabaya with my friends, and then so many things happened. Changed my life upside down. Suddenly now here I am. 27 Years old, a mother, a wife, and still live my life to the fullest.

Thank you for all the birthday wishes. By emails, offline messages, chats, friendster testimonials and phone calls. Really really made my day. Completed my 27th birthday.
Mariza (you're the first one), Mee, Valens (waiting forward for the books), Enyo (for the diamond ring huehehe), Yendy, Shantee, Anita, Ekke-chan, Annerie, Cindy, Octa, Tina. Pei (thanks for waking me up, otherwise couldn't have my birthday tiramisu hihihi), Nina (for the happy birthday song, ur voice is still as wonderful as I could remember). Yunita, Ella, Martin (masih curious about u :p) ,Vanie (better late than never hihihi), and Carla (I am so touched, thanks yo!)
Sorry I haven't replied almost all emails and messages. Again, my boy is still having his diarrhea :p

Again, thank you (^______^) *nyengir sampe mulutnya lebaaarr*


bo said...

imoeeettt ...

aku wes pm km waktu km online hari itu (21 malam disini), tp gak respon blas

nih lognya kalo gak percaya

bambang97 (2/21/2007 9:32:45 PM): imut
bambang97 (2/21/2007 9:32:49 PM): happy birthday yah
bambang97 (2/21/2007 9:32:52 PM): wish u the best
bambang97 (2/21/2007 9:32:54 PM): :D

grrrr ... dicuekin

anyway, happy belated b'day yah. gbu


Sheila said...

Hahaha ada yang saking nggak mau kalah-nya ngucapin bday, sampe paste chat log disini. Dasar Bo.

HOREEEEEEE aku termasuk ditulis disituuu.
Seneng denger cerita bday mu Mut... nanti kutelepon yaaaa kalo Iki udah sembuh.
Eh kamu mau kado apa, nanti kukirim dari sini *lagi baik hati*

RidwanFamily said...

Happy *belated* Birthday, Shierly..
.. and many, many more to come... :)

w.hitoshi said...

Happy Birthday for YOU! from my heartily. By the way, you and I got to know, and three years already passed. That time, you always said "more hiks hiks hiksssss~". (+_+)
Do you remember it? hahah...
But present you are very happy. I think that it is because I make people gathering around you happy.
Thak you very much!

imoet said...

hahahahahah bo!!!!!
sumpah aku ga dapat messagemu!!
tapi aduh makasih yaaaaa. sampe ngakak plus terharu bacanya :p.

serius mau ngasih kado?! kuemail alamatku asap hahahahah
kangen ceting ceting sambil ngakak ngakak ama kamu nih!!

mbak intan,
makasih ya.....waiting forward for the "many many more to come" hehehe

you're right!!! it's been three years!!
Thank you so much. For being my friend and always make me smile (^___^)

Piku said...

kok resep tiramisu ga perna di pajang di blog kirchenku nya si? *pingin tau cara bikin tiramisu*

btw..salam kenal ya, aku sering bacain blog kamu sama blog nya iki-chan, br hari ini nekad komen gara2 ngiler liat tiramisu nya :D hehehe

oya, happy belated bday :)

imoet said...

hai hai piku
makasih udah mampir :)
makasih juga belated bdae nya :)
makasih juga ngiler ama tiramisunya :)

resep tiramisu? ada di:

Selamat mencoba ya!

PitPit said...


aku tau.. emang keterlaluan ya baru bilangnya sekarang, tapi benerannya aku gak lupa kok.

Happy Belated Birthday, ya!

Tadi malem ku mimpi kamu pulang ke surabaya. Kita pergi bareng seperti dulu gt. Jadi makin kangen!

Luv ya!!