Sunday, April 08, 2007

Damn Expensive Tooth

I got a hole on my left most behind upper tooth. I terribly big one. Actually I knew I had it since I was pregnant. But then the dentist in Surabaya couldn't do anything due to my pregnancy. She asked me to come back after giving birth for that tooth treatment. But then I moved to Korea, and my new busy life here made that tooth forgotten.

Until last week......
When that forgotten unseen tooth started to disturb my life. Yeah, toothache sucks. I'm sure you guys know how it feels that there's no need to describe it :D.

So yesterday afternoon I went to a dentist with Hiro and Iki. I went to this dentist last year to fix a 1 mm diameter hole on my tooth. It costed me 100 USD for that tiny hole so we're pretty worried on how much would it cost this time!

He examined my tooth and explained that I will need root canal treatment. I will have to visit him like 8 times to have my tooth done. One the first treatment he gave damn injection, made me produced a loud long painful scream. Which was felt even more painful as I heard long loud laugh from the waiting room "HUAHAHAHAHAA Iki...Iki...listen to mama. She's screaming like a baby ne......huuhhaahuahahahaha" (@_@). GRRRRRRR

But then he was not laughing anymore as the doctor explained how much the total cost would be. And I was as shocked as him as well. Total cost would be around 600,000 won. Or 600 USD. For a damn single broken tooth. Insurance from Hiro's company would probably cover only 140 USD of treatment fee since the cheapest crown for covering the tooth available in that clinic is not one of those covered by Japanese national insurance. Bah.

As we walked home Hiro announced: "You had better stop snacking chocolate and ice cream!". Eeeeee??? I must live without chocolate....?! (T_T)
And he did prove what he said by eating ice cream BESIDE me while watching drama last night (T_T).....*drooling*

................Damn expensive tooth!!!!!!!!!! !!!


Anonymous said...

sh*t! that is expensive for a single tooth.. there goes the ice cream & chocolate..

Sheila said...

Duhhh kaciannyaaaa yang sakit gigi. Hmmm... 600 USD ya... think about how many accessories and new clothes I could buy with the money... hmmm, maybe a new camera tool, a pair of new shoes, a new bag, hahahahaha *ngiming-ngiming biar tambah nyesel buang duit segitu buat gigi, hahaha*

imoet said...

Intan, Sheila,
IYA!!! sialan banget ini gigi huuuu huuuu huuuuu
*tunjek buat sheila yang udah ngiming2i*