Sunday, May 27, 2007

Thank you

Actually I kno w you'd say that I'm too dru nk to write this.
But I really want tothnk you
NOT ONly for the woderfuyl dinner you prepared
also for the another great year I COUld spend witrh you

Thank you.

For the laugh. love and life that we shar e


NoorIntan said...

looks like somebody had a good time :) good on you!
happy 2nd anniversary to you and Hiro, and many more to come...

ps: i hope i'm not mistaken, it's your 2nd anniversary, right? :p

Sheila said...

Hahahaha, yeah, you ARE drunk and happy with love!

Happy 2nd anniv yaaaaaa.... many great days to come, many drunken nights ahead... drunk with love, hahaha.

@Intan: Yeah it's the 2nd anniv... coz I still recall quite clearly all the FUSS about flying to Tokyo and getting married two years ago!!! Hahahahahaha....
Gosh it seems ages now...

imoet said...

thankssss yaah. sheila answered your question already :p

i was, am and will always be in love *blush*

a2pl3 said...

Happy Anniversary!!! :D

Am happy to know that you had a good time ...

May the three of you (and could be more in the future...:P) always be blessed with Father's love and many blessing... :D

Terrence and Ira

blender said...

Hi Imoet,
Thanks for your comment on my site!

How about a link exchange? I've put up a link to your site on mine.



mike said...

Hi Imoet,
Thanks for putting up my link on your site, but the address is wrong. Can you fix it?