Thursday, November 05, 2009

Mie Ayam Pak Untung

It's a public secret that I am a HUGE fan of Bakso. I always try to find the best Warung Bakso wherever I live in Indonesia. So far nobody could beat Bakso Pak Salam yet, but life must go in here, I must move on with another warung :p

My blog friend Yuni was the one who introduced me to this Bakso Pak Untung when I was just a newbie in Sorowako. I had been trying lost of another warung bakso afterwards, but apparently Pak Untung has the best Bakso soup in Sorowako! Now I go like at least twice a week there, bringing some friends and introduce them to Indonesian cheapest yet the most delicious culinary treat!

The thing is, Warung Pak Untung doesn't only serve Bakso. It has this addictive Mie Ayam!!! It's boiled noodle in Chicken and Ginger broth soup.

The noodle is homemade, fat (yet not too fat) and chewy. The soup is thick and tasty yet not salty. It is based on braised chicken and ginger with sweet soy sauce, with sliced leek and fried onion on top.

Simple and cheap food but OH SO GOOD!!!


Anonymous said...

I love your Photos!
They are so beautiful!
Now I know you are so talented^^

yufinats said...

fotonya bagusssss ;)

shandy said...

Mieayam is my favorite food, and I so want to eat it after I saw your article