Monday, December 21, 2009

Our Christmas Surprise

So last Friday was a shocking day for us. We are going back to Japan, next month, for good.

This is not surprising actually, we knew this would happen last september when a new boss came here bringing his right hand, whose same position with hiro. Two men in one position?! It won't work for sure :). We just didn't expect it this early. We thought it would be like in april or may.

Anyway, we are good now. After one night drinking with our good friends here in Sorowako. Again, life is about hello and goodbye...we have a great great one year in this jungle paradise. I love my friends here, they are like my family; love all my activities here, love all the fun too for sure. I will really miss this place. But I am satisfied and ready to go :)
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LadyNoor said...

As long as you're satisfied and content, no matter where you are you will be doing just fine Moet :)

miwa said...

I really miss you and your family.
The time we spent together was so fun and special..
Now I cannot imagine what's going on without you, but I really wish
you can enjoy the life in japan as same as here.

Carla Chanliau said...

waks!!!! now i can't see you as "often" as it has been this past one year? bugger.

Anonymous said...

Good luck to the three of you. Remember to take lots of indonesian ingredients back with you so you can cook comfort food!

Mike and Francisca

Mbak'e said...

wauw! kabar kabari ya Moet, kalo sudah nyampe di Japan lagi.

The Diva said...

HIyaaa.. no more Bali reunion? :-((((

But I guess I'll consider Japan reunion now. hehehe.

For good Moet? No more pindahan? Last and final destination: Japan?

All the best ya...