Sunday, December 13, 2009

At last!!!

So at last today papa-chan and Iki agreed to have mie ayam at warung pak untung for lunch!

The first thing he did was cleaning the table! Great, his first impression of my fave warung was that the table's dirty. Then unluckily while waiting, he saw some chicken climbed the wagon where our food were being prepared and ate some noodle there (>.<). The good thing was that he didn't go out right away haha!

Iki loved it eventhough he kept asking me to turn on the AC haha. Hiro liked it too, he said that it tasted like kare udon. But he loved the bakso there. He wanted me to put bakso from that warung inside oden next time :p.

Good, next time I'll try to bring them eating coto makassar or kapurung hehehe

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1 comment:

The Diva said...

hahahaha Hiro nggak doyan ngemper tah Mut? terlalu higienis nggak bagus buat kesehatan lhooo hihihi.

anyway congrats for your first ngemper day!!!!!
(jangan bilang kalo bakso nya pake micin ;-)