Monday, February 01, 2010

first night

we moved in today. to the same apt building where we used to live before, on the lower floor. we've been busy unpacking the whole day and now the house is still a total mess.
iki can't start school yet. his leg was injured in manado and he can't walk at all now. i regret that i left the stroller in sorowako @_@. i have to carry him everywhere.

oh well...time for rest now. tokyo is snowing on our very first night in this house.but i think i am ready with my thick pajama,wool socks, dawn blanket and of course electric blanket too!!!!


yufinats said...

aw...iki kenapa kak?
wow...saljunya mana neh?

Mbak'e said...

lho kasian Iki... gak bisa mainan salju dong, Moet.

The Diva said...

waaa iki kok sakit? kenapa injured??
barangmu dibawa semua segitu banyaknya kok malah stroller ditinggal hahahhaa.

happy unpacking ya... bakal tinggal di Apt ini seterusnya kah?
*hiyaaa aku cuma punya dawn blankie tapi nggak punya electric blankie!!! Iriiiiiiiiiiiii... anget ya?