Friday, February 26, 2010


It was exactly a month now.

This is how Sorowako said goodbye to us

This was when Hiro just heard that we're leaving. He called Mat and told him that he wanted to drink that night. We had a good drink and dance with our friends. Thanks for the supports!

Crafting/Sewing group.
Thanks for the super yummy seafood lunch in Lampia, and the beautiful kebaya :)

I should have been packing when Juno came with a bottle of African alcohol (hey, can't remember the name!). Hiro ended up having dinner in Karebbe again that night haha.

It was supposed to be a surprised farewell party. Too bad Jeff sent me an email that he wouldn't come hahaha. Thanks for arranging this, Mariko & Miwa!

And this was really a surprise! - with SWL ladies

With Hiro's colleagues and staffs in Karebbe

Our last HASH - and circle

How the school said goodbye to Iki

Thanks for sending us at the airport

Salonsa area - where we lived- from INCO's airplane :p. Thanks God we got flight!!!

There were even my lovely friends saying goodbye to us in Manado

And I think this would be my last post about Sorowako...... Goodbye...... :)


The Diva said...

DUA WOBBLY BITS!!!!!!!!! huahahaha look at that tshirt!!!!!!!!! Bal lemak strikes again!!!!!!!!! Love it.

Looks like you did make great friends and a great life there...

Good for the life memories ya...
Mana foto2 merit adikmu di Manado?

imoet said...

hehhehe dua bits that i am proud of :p

i did...and i miss them so much. and i miss u too!!

iya ya, meritnya adekku belum ditulis!