Thursday, July 01, 2010

Twirl Skirt

I was in the mood for sewing again one Tuesday (when Iki is at school until 5 pm :p). Following the free pattern from here, I tried to make a cute twirl skirt (^___^).

It's supposed to be easy, but a beginner like me made quite a mess -that hopefully couldn't be really seen :p

But according to Hiro, I'm too old for that skirt and he doesn't want me to wear it whenever I go out with him (>.<)


LadyNoor said...

Cute skirt! I like your shirt too :)

Hiro, your wife is so cute & petite she won't be too old for anything at all in this world! :D

Carla Ardian said...

I'm sorry to have to agree with Hiro on the skirt. It's a good idea though. Why not just change the pattern and colours of the fabrics? Use batik for example? Pretty sure it will still look chic but more elegant. :)