Thursday, December 16, 2010


Or birthday party :)

Winter holiday will start next week, so we held birthday party for Iki last Tuesday. As he gets older, it is impossible to have party for him right on his birthday. No friends would come for a birthday party on December 31st!!

Iki requested Transformer Bumblebee birthday cake, which I thought was impossible to make at first!

Lazy me then just brought ready made sponge cake, made a round hole on the surface and filled it in with chocolate whipped cream and chopped mixed nuts.

Then worked on the robot's shapes using marsmallow fondant. It was fun actually, I felt like playing with edible playdough

Even Papa-chan also helped to draw the red trasnformer mark. Because according to Iki, that tiny complicated mark was so important (@_@)

And here it is. Transformer Bumblebee cake..

He loved it, everyone loved it

My boy will be five by the end of this year (^___^).
F I V E!!!


Pre said...

keren mut. nek aku, wes beli robot2an'e trus tak'tancepno ae di kue'ne, hahaa *males mode*.

kpn2, bikin'o kue sing gambar muka'ku ya :D

Carla Ardian said...

keren keren. aku cuma suka bikin sponge cakenya, ga suka hias2nya. hehehe... met ultah, iki!!!

imoet said...

Pre: wah pre mukamu angel dibikin kue!! haha

carla: thanks :p. suatu saat biar kamu yg bikin sponge cakenya n aku yg ngehias yo

Vivi said...

Gak nambah lagi Moet? ;)

imoet said...

vi: wah cukup wes rasane :p