Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Weekend date

We sent Iki to his grandparents' house for a night and had a date last Saturday. These few months we haven't really spent quality time only for the two of us, so it was just at a right time. Hiro brought me to watch classical orchestra live, and I was really impressed. Well, I actually was not allowed to take picture hehe :p

We walked a long Omotesando street and enjoyed how the luxurious street welcoming Christmas. Too bad there were thousands other people wanted to enjoy too that we could hardly walk. Oh well...this is the consequences of living in one of world's most populated city (@_@)

It was a relaxing night. Except that I fell of the stairs in the Subway station and Hiro yelled: "What the hell are you doing?! KAKKOWARUI (malu maluin!)!" - instead of worrying and asking if I was alright! Ah...that guy!

But still it was a good night afterall (^__^)


Yun said...

Khan ada cerita Mut..
Pengantin baru jalan gandengan lalu istrinya tersandung batu, suami bilang "Oh batu sialan menyakiti kaki istriku yang indah"

Setelah 2 tahun lewat, mereka jalan berdua lagi, istri tersandung batu kembali.. suami bilang "Hati-hati ya say"

Tahun kesekian, kembali terulang kejadian istri tersandung batu.. suami berkata "Kalau jalan matanya lihat donk, jangan jelalatan"

Hahahahahha...cocok toh???

imoet said...

wahaha iyo yun bener. mbencekno toh!!

The Diva said...

hahahahahaha iyaaahhh
kalo versi nya papaku "Wong kaki wes dikasih MATA kok masih kesandung, yak opo seh??" hahahahahaha... kaki dikasih mata rek, iku lak mata kaki gak onok hubungane karo kesandung.

WAAA kamu persis aku, keren2 tapi jatuh dan kepleset dan kesandung huahahaha... nek jare Martin (untung pake bhs Indo biasane) "Haduh Yang, malu, kamu jatuh terus ya."
Hahahahahaha. Talk about pengantin baru opone.

Btw LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR SCARF!!!!!!!!! Beli dimana???

imoet said...

hahaha onok2 ae papamu la. yah gitulah....aku mestiii ada kejadian nek mlaku ambek hiro. dasar apes.

itu scarf beli di manado. hihihi thanks, i love love it too!!

Vivi said... reminds of what happened a couple of days ago.

On our way home, we stopped by Plasa Marina. It was just a normal day, and like any other normal day, we usually spent the time driving home unwinding, aka: silent and deep in our own thoughts.

Anyway, so once we got there, in the parking lot, I automatically reached out to hold his hand.

But then he jumped back and suddenly said, "Don't!" I was shocked. Then he said, "No, don't. I don't have any money, please, no touching" and scooted away to avoid me!!

I went after him and he started running! right there in the parking lot with some people and driver still in the cars watching two adults in business suit running, the girl chasing down the boy.

He kept saying "No! No! I don't want to!" as if I was harassing him!

He only stopped when we arrived at the entrance...I hadn't laughed that hard for quite some time .... :)

hm...I should blog about this...

imoet said...

vivi: hahahahaha and i can't stop laughing reading your story. you two are CUTE couple!!

oh well YES, you should have blogged it. would be a great laugh to re-read it again in the next 10 years :p