Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tateyama camping ground

We will spend four nights, half part of our golden week holiday
sleeping in this tent in Tateyama area. It took us 9 hours driving
from Tokyo yesterday because of heavy traffic jam!

Too bad it's raining today...we have to give up our plan for Tateyama
alpine route (~_~;). But well, we are off to Kanazawa city in ishikawa
now! (^O^)/


Cooking Gallery said...

Have fun, Imoet! Never in life have I done camping outdoor, what a shame...!

The Diva said...

hahahaha camping lagi yaaa... have fun!!! I wouldn't have thought of you as a camper type of person but I guess people find new hobbies every now and then!!!

Anonymous said...

Halo Imoet, boleh tanya, di Tateyama, atau tepatnya di Murodo, apakah ada camping ground dengan penyewaan tenda? Jika tidak, di Murodo apakah ada lodge atau hut, simpel aja, tdk perlu mewah, yang penting ada tempat untuk menggelar sleeping bag?

Mohon info, ya. Trims.

Eko, Jakarta