Friday, April 22, 2011

Wednesday Bento: Ohanami picnic

Iki just started his school again after spring holiday. He is tsukigumi (highest grade in his kindergarten) now and this year will be my last year making bento for him!!

This is last Wednesday's Bento, for his Ohanami (cherry blossoms) picnic (^_^)

The kids: small onigiri (rice balls)
Sakura: pink kamaboko
Tree: croquette
Soramame (big beans, spring specialty)
Red and yellow rolled paprika


Cooking Gallery said...

I like the sakura blossoms...! I am still looking for nice and small cookie cutters for flowers. Unfortunately it's really hard to find pink hams/sausages here in Germany, maybe not enough food colouring...??;) My ham flowers tend to look very pale.

The Diva said...

whoaa lutunaaaaaaaaaaaa.... cherry blossoms!!!