Monday, May 10, 2010

Kodomo no Hi

May 5 is Kodomo no Hi or Children day in japan. It was traditionally a celebration for boys, but now it becomes for both gender. Since few weeks before, families having little boys have hung Koinobori flag (carp shapes flags) and display Kintaro Doll, as symbol of strong and healthy boy. More info about the symbols can be read at Wikipedia.

We used to have small koinobori flag, but Iki just broke it long time ago so we didn't bother to buy it again this year. Especially that Iki made his at school. So it was what we hang to celebrate kodomo no hi this year (^___^)

I prepared kodomo no hi theme dinner for Iki too. With sausages koinobori and kintaro head complete with the kabuto helmet. He ate everything!

Happy Children's Day, Iki! Hope you will be a strong and healthy boy ;-)

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Vivi said...

I completely adore the Japanese chest in your post!!!