Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday Bento: Percy the Small Engine

It's Wednesday! it's been a very busy morning. Yeah yeah....bento day today!

Not exactly as requested previously because I couldn't get any idea how to make Thomas the Tank Engine's blue color, this time I made Percy the small engine.

The result is not as what I expected :(, eventhough I tried my best to copy Percy's face. Iki's first word once he saw it was: "hmmm....Percy's face is not the same...."
But he stopped complaining once I gave him this very sharp look :))

The Percy is ham and cheese sandwich. I also put broccoli, tomato, sausages and strawberries inside. Hope he will finish them all. Well he has to, or next week he will won't have his Bob the Builder's crane obento :)) ====> don't have any idea how to make it yet though (_ _!)


LadyinRed said...

My hat goes to you, Moet... If it was me I'd say "Kill me, kill me now!"....

imoet said...

Thanks :d

Untung cuma seminggu sekali hihihi

feekyu said...

enak kayaknya yaa. maknyus