Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mother's Day

Iki made this as a present for me at school. Wrapped in a box with his handwriting hiragana.

It is a pencil stand, he said. With some plates as decoration :))

Written on the pink note:
Thank you for sleeping with me.

Which is really touching. I actually don't sleep with him. He always asks me to sleep with him in his room before he sleeps. And I always tell him that I'm coming, that I need to take a bath first then brush my teeth before I join him. But I don't come, well he thought I do....

That little pink note....made me cry

Well, doesn't mean that I sleep with him now hahaha

Thank you Iki, very sweet of you. And thank you too for behaving so well today. It's been a perfect mother day to me :)

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