Friday, April 23, 2010

Mie Ayam Sorowako

Different to mie ayam in Java that has clear chicken soup as the base, Sorowako's one has ginger and sweet soy sauce based soup. I love it, I went to Warung Pak Untung in Sorowako for lunch a lot with friends and had quality chat time there.

Last Tuesday suddenly I wanted to eat it badly. I tried to imagine the taste. Instead of making separate chilly sauce, I put the chilly inside the soup directly.

Hehehe it didn't look like Mie Ayam Pak Untung, but it did taste similar.

I missed the frestea bottle, but luckily I have teh kotak. Was a simple and super yummy lunch.

But I missed the hot sun and the great companies!!!


vsint said...

kombinasi yang bagus...hahaha

imoet said...

apapun bisa jadi kombinasi bagus kalo tinggal jauh di negeri orang hihihi