Thursday, April 08, 2010

Picnic under Sakura Tree

We did it today, together with Iki's classmates (+mommies). Actually we wanted to go to Tetsugakudo park, where I did ohanami 2 years ago; but some mothers don't have any bike so we decided to go to nearby park instead. Lucky there were Sakura too there! not much, but at least we could do hanami together (^__^)

The kids play together. Look. I was happy to see Iki mingled pretty well.

When they got hungry then they came to us for snacks. I was proud that Iki could say "thank you". A small thing, but is a big thing for him!

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yufinats said...

i iyah...aku ingat saat natalan ke rumah ijo salonsa...Iki sampai bela - belain ngambil permen sendiri (padahal lebih mudah kalau sy ambilkan)supaya tidak mengatakan thank You...ah IKi, kamu ada-ada saja akalnya...tapi..masuk akal juga si Iki itu :)
mwnbandingkan dengan postingan Ohanami 2 tahun lalu iki masih imuttttt.... ;)