Friday, April 09, 2010

A visit to aquarium

Its Spring holiday. Its crowded everywhere. It's also raining almost everyday, and sometimes the temperature still dropped down to winter time!

I always have to be creative to find something to do or somewhere to go with Iki. Once this boy is bored, he will be really grumpy and drives me nuts!

So last time I brought him to the aquarium at Sunshine City in Ikebukuro. Bobo (its how Iki calls his grandma here) also joined us this time so Iki was pretty excited.

Iki loves watching fishes, and now he is on the stage of asking about everything. It was interesting to listen to him asking Bobo hundred questions, and how bobo sometimes was struggling to give him 'proper' answer hahaha

Basically I was just walking beside "busy" Iki and Bobo. They just talked and talked. That way I got more chance to look and listen around.
Its really funny to listen to people's comments around me:

Woa...look at that crab. Must be really sweet...
That fish!! hmm yummy....!!
Oh, this kind of octopus has a lot of fat. It'll melt in ur mouth
Hmmm....that fish is best to be eaten in autumn
OMG, this aquarium makes me hungry...

Boy....I just can't help not to giggle listening to them!!


g L e N D a said...

yg di depan iki itu apa? crab? that must be yummy.. tapi ikan2 yang cantik dan colourful itu mencurigakan lho -katanya- makin menarik bentuk/warna si ikan makin besar kemungkinan dia itu ikan beracun.. katanya sihhh...

Mbak'e said...

Lha aku sering ngiler juga kalo ke Sea World - habis dari sana suka langsung cabut ke restoran sushi, maguro... kani... santap deh, hihi.

imoet said...

glenda: wah kalo crab mah iya. apalagi black pepper saucenya di lampia yummmm :p. yg warna warni itu mah gak dimakan, cuma kok bagus aja fotonya hihi

mbak'e: kon iku mbak. jadi di sea world udah mulai merencanakan ikan mana yg bakal dimakan?! haha