Thursday, April 15, 2010

Back to school

Spring holiday has finished. Iki has been back to school since last Monday. Bukan Hana-gumi (kelas Hana), udah naik kelas jadi Hoshi-gumi. And mama-chan, a forever last minute person just started sewing the bags he needs two days before the school started! Phew!

Bag for shoes, bag for changing clothes, for picnic mat, for cup, for lunchbox, and for cutlery. Still haven't finished the big bag yet though :D. Iki had to bring paperbag on his first day of school. Dasar mama-chan pemalas (>.<).

So many to prepare then. Including naming these crayons ONE BY ONE, in Japanese! (@_@)

But starting this month, he will go to school Mon-Fri from 9-14.30, except Tuesday. 9-17.00!!!
Mama-chan now has a lot of time to finish this new project:


Carla Ardian said...

bleh nyengirnya kamu banget.

imoet said...

eh? masak aku suka nyengir??

yufinats said...

iki bawaan ke sekolah banyak bennar...semuanya mama chan yang jahit??? plok...plok...plok...

LadyinRed said...

gantengnya anakmu, kesannya dah gede bgt... weh, crayonnya harus dinamaain satu persatu? puyeng aku ngebayanginnya!!!

you are good in keeping yourself busy moet... aku gak betah dirumah bawaannya dolaaan wae sing penting keluar pintu :D