Tuesday, April 06, 2010

A visit to Shin Misato

It's the nearest station to Nova's house. I was surprised to see how things changed within 2 years!! It has IKEA now, also some other shopping a.nd entertainment centers! Life must be much more exciting there for Nova's family! (ya gak, Nov? hehe)

We (me, Iki, mbak'e, Rui and Rei) went to Nova's house first. She prepared very yummy soto ayam kumplit with her special chilli sauce as well. I can't remember how many portions did I eat (>.<). Too bad I remembered to take picture after everyone finished eating :(

After getting stuffed, off we went to IKEA. Iki and Rui can play at the playcenter because they are more than 4 years old, but Kiyo can't. So poor Nova was stucked with Kiyo playing at the smaller kids area upstairs. So sorry for her, I love going around with friends. Too bad this time can't enjoy looking around with Nova too. Well, next year, when Kiyo is 4, we can do it again (^__^).

Thank you Nova, for preparing such a big lunch for us. It was sad to see Kiyo crying when we left. We'll see each other again during the next school holiday!


The Diva said...

Asyik yaaaaaaa ngumpul2 plus makan soto ayam kumplittt... Btw baru sadar, anak kalian semua cowok2 yah hihihi... jagoan semuanya hehe. tinggal itu yg di perut Nova cowok lagi kah atau cewek??? Hmm bbrp tahun lagi kalo Rei dah gedean pasti makin seru mainan jagoan2 kita ini hahaha.

(huhhh ngiriii aku juga pingin ngumpul2 sama kalian tapi kalo nggak punya anak, apa boleh berkeliaran di dekat kids' area juga? Hehehe...)

The Diva said...
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The Diva said...
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benova said...

Hahaha......I didn`t prepare big/kumplit lunch...but who ate a lot??? hehehe.
Thanks for coming

Kapan ngumpul2 lagi, sudah susah ya anak2 udah sekolah, keiket jam waktu.

Next time, ke lalaport aja...

La..boleh kok berkeliaran di deket kid:s area sekalian jagain Kiyo ya...aku tak berkeliaran di tempat lain hehehhe.

imoet said...

iya ya....anak2 cowok semua. baru sadar!!!

iya nov bener, gak masalah kok kalo gak ada anak ikutan ngumpul. latian main sama anak2 ben mamane isa berkeliaran ketempat lain sejenak haha