Saturday, April 10, 2010

Beautiful Saturday

It was a beautiful day and warm day today. I didn't want to waste such a day being at home so we (iki and I) dragged papa-chan out of his computers room for a walk to the park. We went to Tetsugakudo park, took us about 20 minutes walking so I also brought a bike with me. Just in case Iki was too tired on the way back home then he could just sit on it :D

Sakura were falling all over the place now, but still worthed to enjoy in such a warm day. There were still some people doing hanami, but we chose to sit on a bench nearby kids playing ground for lunch :p

Sometimes the wind blew and lost of sakura petals fell off like a snowfall. Beautiful! Look, the ground are mostly pink now!

And I think picnicking under sakura trees with pinky ground around looked really "spring". And yeah....beautiful.

Even without the petals, they still amazed me.


sakuralady said...

Hello, Willy here. Thanks for dropping by. How long have you been in Tokyo? Which part of Tokyo?
I'm in Inokashira Line. :)
Read your profile, hmm.. a mother now? but still looks so young and cute.. ^^

yufinats said...

WOW....sangat suka sakura ini...warna pastellllx nyummyyyy!

g L e N D a said...

waah cantik banget.. jadi ngayal kapan bisa pegang bunga sakura..

Carla Ardian said...

kelopak bunganya jg jatuh ke makanan piknik kali ya? tapi pengen lihat dan piknik disitu jugaaaa...

The Diva said...

iyahhhh sekarang musim sakura berguguran yaaa??? Di belakang rumah persis didepan apartemen ada pohon cherry, dan sakura nya juga berguguran, tiap hari aku nyapu balkon penuh pinky petals sampe bosan hahahhahaha... tapi pohonnya buagusss bangetttt persis didepan balkon!!!!

the park you went to was REALLY nice and nothing to compare to my one single tree in the backyard though hahahha...

imoet said...

sakuralady: hi willy, thanks too. just moved back here, hmm almost 3 months now. i'm in seibu ikebukuro line.
yeah yeah, a mother!! not that young lah! but still cute hahahaha

yuni: iya yun, terngiler2 lah

glenda: mungkin di aussie ada? dinegara 4 musim lain juga ada kok. pohon cherry itu :p

carla: hihihi, iya kali. gak mikir sampe kesitu. tapi kelopaknya disini dibikin makanan & minuman juga kok. even starbucks have sakura latte now :d

diva: selamat nyapu balkon. kan cuma setahun sekali hihihi. so kamu bisa hanami juga. piknik dibalkonmu sambil ngeliatin sakura. mungkin kamu bisa ngerasain feelingnya org2 jepang hahaha