Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Cute Pudding

Look at these cute puddings I bought at Asahikawa airport last month....

Balloon shape pudding, cute :p

I Put it inside a bowl and stabbed it with a toothpick

The thin plastic cover was removed automatically

Look what was left! Isn't it like condom? hihihi

Served with caramel syrup. Hmmmm it was sooo creamy. Yummy!!!

One of the long-fatty-food-list that spoilt my tummy last month (^__^)


The Diva said...

LHOOO LUCUNYAAA... itu kayak puding tahu ya??
Puding apa itu??? why is the form that cute??? hiiii I want one too!!!

Eh it really really looks like tofu (japanese tofu) lhoooo. Rasanya kayak apa Mut???

imoet said...

Rasanya totally different with Tofu loh. This one is so creamy, and fatty :p

Cute, huh? if you come to Japan, i'll give one for u hehehe