Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Happy birthday, papa-chan

Happy birthday, papa...
Happy birthday, papa...

Happy birthday, papa-chan....

Happy birthday, papa....!!!!

The song I taught Iki these few days, though he couldn't sing yet. Last SUnday was Hiro's birthday. What else could I give him as present than food and food and food? :p

Breakfast was Japanese birthday meal. Sekihan, served with sake no shioyaki and wakame miso soup

Steak for dinner. With potato salad, fries and boiled veggies

And closed with Imoet's cheese cake. Don't judge a book from its cover, don't judge a cake from its appearance :p. It looks awful, but it did taste good. Hiro, who adores simplicity, wouldn't be pleased to see his birthday cake covered with 'beautiful' icing. So I just put same amount of candles as his age. But it shows that I REALLY made it, right? :p

Again, happy birthday, papa-chan....


Sheila said...

Hahahaha I already DID say happy birthday on Sunday, didn't I???

The cheesecake indeed looked awful, huahahaha, that's why the name is Imoet's cheesecake ya???
But hmmm, if it tastes good, maybe I'll give it a bite. Still got some left???
*slurp, slurp... ngiler*

Btw lilinnya banyaaakk sekaliii, Papa-Chan umur berapa sihhh??? 70 ya??? Hehehehehehehe.... *running away before he kicks my ass*

Raquel said...

Happy Birthday to Papa-Chan!

Last two images looks yummy. Ha-ha, my mouth is watering.

yun said...

Happy belated B-day Papa-chan
best wishes for you.
Wow mama-chan's cheesecake looks yummy...what a super wife ;)

imoet said...

Oh yes you did! Thank you.
If I posted a beautiful cheesecake then all of you would said that I bought it. That awful cheese cake is like my trademark? :p
Papa-chan: WHAT?!?!?! hahahahahaha

Thank you!

Beneran tah Yun?! ancur2 gitu loh modelnya. Ato...sinis nih? hehehehe
Thanks katanya papa-chan :p

benova said...

eh..Happy Birthday juga buat papa-chan.
Telat nih. btw tgl lhrnya ama sama papa mertuaku hehehe